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Visitor statistics

Someone asked about stats today.. so here’s today’s and a few general…

Stats for today: November 7, 2006, 11:11pm:
  • 1324 unique IPs (logged as 10,346 hits and 2,324 unique visits)
  • Top three referring domains:,,
  • Browsers: Firefox has 46%, Opera is 19%, Internet Explorer is 14%, Safari is 8%.

Stats from past several months:
  • Browsers: Firefox has 48%, Safari has 29%, IE has 6%, Opera has 5%
  • Search engines: 88% Google, 12% Yahoo.
  • Resolution: 40% 1280×1024
  • Top four referring domains:,,,
  • Average: 1,274 unique visits/day

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This looks great – just what I needed for world health magazine just about to go on line. But I’d also like to know a bit about geography – can we find out which countries the visitors are from? [Note our Txp site is still “local” and hasn’t gone live yet.]

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