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Outputs search query information from the referer and also provides a function to check if the visitor hits your site via a search engine.


  • <txp:kd_searchkeywords /> to get the search query string
  • <txp:kd_if_searchreferer>You searched for “<txp:kd_searchkeywords />”. Following...


plugin for votings

Plugin for creating votings.


1. download plugin code from my site: textpattern.martanek.net
2. insert it into field "add plugin" in your Txp administration
3. done

How to insert the pool into article ?

Insert the code: <txp:mdvoting_insert_survey id="5" />


Kills Spam with a hidden Input-Field and checks for BBCode

htn_antispam is a simple plugin to prevent your textpattern blog from spamattacks. The plugin generates a inputfield in your commentform, which should be hidden through css, so most of your visitors will not recognize it anyway.

The plugin checks this field when a comment has been send. If the field is not empty (it should be empty if...


Flash video integration / mediaplayer with playlist

elk_mediaplayer is a simple plugin for embedding Flash videos (flv) loosely based on a previous integration (bas_flvplayer) made by Bastian Sackermann.

It uses Jeroen Wijering’s Flash Media Player and the SWFObject javascript library 1.5, and mg_setheader plugin


Admin side colorpicker

Color Picker for use with Widescreen Template by James Muspratt or any time you want a custom color associated with an article.

This plugin adds a colorwheel to a custom field in the write tab allowing you to associate a color with each article.


a simple shopping cart for textpattern with paypal and google checkout

Simple shopping cart for textpattern with some useful features (e.g. dynamic encrypted paypal checkout and google checkout).


Implementation of reCAPTCHA for TextPattern

This plugin implements reCAPTCHA for TextPattern comments. When a visitor submits a comment they’ll have to solve a reCAPTCHA on the comments preview. If the preview is not solved after the maximum number of attempts, then the comment is sent to the comment moderation queue.


on-the-fly article image resizing and display

download here: v0.1 lam_dynamic_image.zip (includes 3rd party image.php script and lam_dynamic_image.txt)

lam_dynamic_image (on-the-fly image resizing and display)

This plugin allows you to output and resize article images (and images) on-the-fly....


Plugins' tables manager

This plugin is designed to help users of plugins that require them to create new tables in the database.

Some plugins need to create additional tables in the Textpattern database. Some of them (like this one) care to create and remove their own tables, however, some plugins give the user one or more text files with the commands required for MySQL to create the tables needed.

In these cases, the user is forced to use the mysql command line or the phpmyadmin tool in order to create the tables.

This plugin, although somehow still raw, is (hopefully) a simpler way to create tables for this kind of plugin.


Textpattern plugin decoder

ort_plugindecode.php is a script that allows you to decode a Textpattern plugin in order to get a source .php file you can edit and modify and then compile using the standard zem_tpl.

It has three different modes: textpattern plugin adds an easy to use tab to the administrative interface of Textpattern, command line mode works from the command line (just like zem_tpl does). Web mode works in a php enabled web server and you can invoke it from a standard browser.

All 1062 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.