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Posting automatically from to Textpattern

Setup: Go to, and click on “add a new thingy”.

Here’s the settings that are working for me:

job_name: whatever makes sense :) —mine is “Textpattern”

out_name: I created a new account, just for blog posting, and gave it Freelancer status, meaning this login can only post articles. The display name for this Textpattern account is “Carla @”.
out_pass: password for the above Textpattern account

out_url: (source for this mod:

out_time: My understanding is that this setting is GMT time, only as a digit. When I set mine to 0, the post was published at 21:00 EST.

out_blog_id: This is the name of the Textpattern section for these posts.

out_cat_id: This is the number of the category under which you wish to post.
For this id number, just hover your mouse over the desired -section/-category, and the correct number will be the end of the tooltipped URI.

the outputted CSS, for styling:
ul class = delicious
div classes = delicious-link, delicious-tags, delicious-extended

Hope this helps someone!

edit: after playing with my configuration, I discovered that Textpattern prefers the actual short name of the section, rather than its numerical ID. Sorry about that.
Also, just as an aside, if you set up a Freelancer account exactly the way I did, you will have to approve posts, since they will come through as Pending.

note, Feb. 8, 2006: The XMLRPC hack/mod can now be accomplished via a plugin: Enjoy!

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Archived [?]: outdated. replaced by gho_xmlrpc

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11 Nov 2005

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