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Yet another keywords/tags plugin

Another interpretation of the “Keywords” field. Developed with a tagcloud in mind, finally offers other features.


Visitors can rate articles (based on wlk_helpful)

This plugin has two functions: rate an article by voting plus or minus, and return a list of best (or worst) rated articles.


Tests if an article is already released, or will be in the future

Take appropriate action when an article is published, or not yet.


Multi-article update tabs

adi_matrix provides a way of viewing and updating multiple articles from a single TXP admin…


Embed QR codes on your site for vouchers, promotions or contact info

Let your visitors scan contact, voucher or promotion information from your site with their smart phone via Quick Response codes.


Admin-side partner to Multidoc

Easy Multidoc collection management


Output and conditional tags for article modifcation information

Show last-modified author; run conditionals on last-modified date or author.


Create and manage multiple image thumbnails of arbitrary dimensions

Add, remove and manage as many different sized image thumbnails as you like associated with your main image


Assign alias URLs to articles for 301 redirection

The motivation for this plugin came from wanting short URLs in print media to reference…


Add categories directly from the Write tab

Type a list of categories directly in a box on the Write tab to have those categories created immediately and linked to the current article.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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