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Section and Category Pull-down Menus

Create article pull-down menus, by section or category.

Creating a pull-down menu (also known as a “jump” or “select” or popup menu) of articles is very simple. What follows uses JavaScript to power it, but can be changed to use another programming language if desired.

In “jump-menu”, an article form:
<option value="<txp:permlink...

Display Section Title

The original contents of this tip are outdated, and no longer necessary. See the section tag reference in the Textpattern manual.

Adding a Default Section

Migrating to TextPattern

Out of the box, the TextPattern clean-url section handling isn’t quite what I want. Radio’s categories are structured like miniature weblogs. But Textpattern sections are interwined together. Viewed through my Radio experience, the problem seems to be that there is no default section that includes all articles.


All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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