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Finding the best colors

Sorting out great colors for your site

Getting those colors juuuust right can be a tedious task. And guess what, others have struggled before you. Below are a set of links you can use when you need inspiration or are absolutely colorblind. The links are compiled from a post over at textpattern...

Textpattern Templates at CMS Styles

CMS Styles is intended to be a clearinghouse of information for templates and css techniques that can be used with popular CMS aka Content Management Systems. We are also going to focus on ways to transfer styles from one system to another in hopes of leveling the playing field. As often happens, we are just going to start this and see where...

Textpattern templates II by sivni

Okay, I am getting slightly more advanced with my templates. This time I decided to create a 3D look and integrating a section selection model. The result is a Windows like tab-control look.

Textpattern templates by sivni

All my templates are made for Textpattern and can be taken and used by anyone, modified or not. So help yourselves and try them out.

QuikPik Admin Menu Hack 2.5

A reimplementation of the admin menu tabs using ALA’s Suckerfish Dropdowns including many handy shortcuts. This is a follow up to The Original QuikPik Menu.

The original version and the...