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Use SASS for CSS output

This plugin allows the use of SASS for CSS preprocessing within Textpattern.

It will compile the SASS code you define within the regular CSS style form to static CSS files, serving it through a tag which is...


Embed math formulae in textpattern articles.

Embed math formulae and other Latex-rendered output in textpattern articles.


Syntax highlighting using pygments

This plugin adds syntax hightlighting to textpattern based on Pygments, a powerful highlighting engine.


Use a style saved within Textpattern as the admin CSS

dds_admin_style is a Textpattern plugin that enables two features for the Textpattern Admin 1. Select a style saved within Textpattern as the admin CSS. 2. Set a unique favicon for the admin.

With this plugin activated, you’ll find a new tab “Admin Style” under “Extensions.”

To set a...


Alternate stylesheet management and Javascript style switcher

Display a list of alternate stylesheets to your visitors and have this plugin manage the links for you through the magic of jQuery.


Re-bases Textile headings in articles to preserve hierarchy

This plugin is useful if you want to ensure that the headings marked up with Textile inside an article body are all subheadings of the article title.

For example, your template might define the article title as an <h3> heading. If the author of the article used Textile h1. or h2. headings, these would...

Textpattern interface restyled for 4.0.6

A 4.0.6 update to Dan Hoy's admin theme/mod

A 4.0.6 update to Dan Hoy’s admin theme/mod


Static CSS caching

This plugin automatically stores a copy of your style sheet(s) as a static file. Static files are served several orders of magnitude faster than PHP files (200 times faster, in my own tests on a FastCGI-based server).

Textpattern Interface Re-Styled for 4.0.5

The Original Textpattern Interface Re-Styled had such a positive response, I figured it is good to keep things up to date on my download page. So here is the official release for Textpattern 4.05


Endmark/glyph for last paragraph

Put a glyph inside the end of your article’s last paragraph to indicate the end.

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