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Define information for authors

This plugin provides the ability to also define a URL, nickname, bio, email and image for each author on your site which can then be displayed on article forms. It works just as the plugin does for sections. It is ideal for sites with multiple authors.


Frontend Edit Link

This plugin will add a link to your posts that will take you directly the edit screen in your textpattern install. The link is hidden by a cookie that you can turn on or off. You will need to be logged in to textpattern to be able to actually edit the post, this plugin provides a shortcut from a post directly to the edit...


Improved article custom

This plugin operates the same way as the base Textpattern article custom, however it adds the additional ability to take comma separated lists under the section and category parameters.


Custom article list plugin

The chh_article_custom plugin is an enhanced replacement for txp:article_custom and txp:article, offering features like context-sensitive operation, support for multiple categories/sections, hierarchical category searching, and advanced date/time selection.


Beginning of Article to Form Excerpt

Provides the <txp:beginning /> tag allowing automatic excerpt generation from article body based on length attribute

I think there have been a few other plugins that will automatically create an excerpt (in fact one was just posted), but this one is a little different. Instead of including the first few words of...

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