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posted 06 Mar


when the default search is not enough

In its simplest form, <txp:etc_search /> acts like the built-in Textpattern search, digging articles’ title and body. But it adds a bit of logic without recurring to match="all" or match="any" attribute.

This plugin is based on cbs_live_search, but adds enough new...


Batch enable/disable Textpattern plugins with one click of a button

wet_plugout is a plugin for Textpattern which allows the site administrator to disable all active plugins with one click of a button and re-enable the previously active set later on. This procedure is probably useful in the rare case of plugins conflicts.

posted 03 Mar


Builds links to articles, images, sections and categories

Textpattern plugin builds links to articles, images, sections and categories.

wet_link is largely based on Alex Shiels’ zem_link and can be used as a drop-in replacement for that.

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Directory/Archives.


to add or edit entries


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