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The plugin has three files:

  1. kuo_star_rating_v0.2.txt
    • The actual Textpattern plugin
  2. kuo_star_rating.js
    • JavaScript for handling clicks and showing the interactive star rating
    • Has a few settings for modifying the outlook, and localization
  3. kuo_star_rating.php
    • Stores clicks to a database table, also fetches existing star ratings

The JavaScript and PHP file should be placed at the website’s root.

  • The plugin requires jQuery.
  • All ratings have fixed scale between 1–5 stars.
  • Minimum rating is 1 star. Maximum is 5 stars.
  • Votes are per IP address. An IP address can vote once the same star rating.
  • After vote is submitted, it’s saved to database. Voter’s IP address is saved in ip2long format.


In English with light theme:
Rating: 3.13 out of 15, based on 15 vote(s). You haven't voted yet.

In Finnish with dark theme:
Arvosana: 4/5. Perustuu 1 arvosteluun. Et ole vielä arvostellut.

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May 2017
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24 Aug 2021

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