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last updated 10/15/2006

I created this plugin due to issues I was having with <txp:breadcrumb />. It addresses issues with <txp:breadcrumb /> and expands on the usability. I started with the function for <txp:breadcrumb /> written for TXP 4.0.4 RC1. This function had addressed issue with changing the label for the home link. But it wouldn’t show the category when viewing an individual article. Both of these have been addressed in this plugin. Please review the attributes below to also see new features.

wraptag – This sets the tag that is wrapped around the entire breadcrumb. By default it is ‘p’.
sep – This sets the seperator between each breadcrumb. By default it is ‘&#160;&#187;&#160’.
link – This sets whether to create a link to the pieces in the breadcrumb. By default it is ‘y’.
label – This sets the text for your homepage. By default it is the sitename defined in your preferences.
title – This sets to show the title or the name. ‘y’ will show show the title, and blank will show the name. By default it is blank.
class – This sets the class to be used for the entire breadcrumb. By default it is blank.
linkclass – This sets the class for each individual link. By default it is ‘noline’
showsection – This sets whether to include the section name in the breadcrumb. By default it is true.
homepage – This sets whether to show a home link on the home page or nothing at all. By default it is ‘n’ and will not show the home page link.
catsep – If you have an article with two categories this will seperate the two category trees. By default it is ‘/’.

Change Log
10/15/2006- v1.0 – asv_breadcrumb is created

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16 Oct 2006

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