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  • glz_vars()
  • clean URLs enabled e.g.
  • minimum TXP RC3

Usage and Options

Put <txp:glz_crumbs /> where you want the breadcrumbs to appear. It accepts the following attributes:

  • sep ( > by default)
  • site_count - if 1, it will output next to Site Name number of live articles in (n) format (0 by default)
  • section_count - if 1, it will output next to Section Title number of live articles in (n) format (0 by default)
  • cat_count - if 1, it will output next to your Category Title, Category1 Title and Category2 Title number of live articles in (n) format (0 by default)
  • nomenclature - if this attribute is specified and any of the previous 3 attributes is/are also specified, the output will look like (n nomenclature) (plain numbers by default)


<txp:glz_crumbs /> will produce:

<txp:glz_crumbs site_count="1" section_count="1" cat_count="1" nomenclature="articles" /> will produce:

Colophon & Limitations

I needed a simple and efficient way of displaying breadcrumbs for a website powered by TXP. The current breadcrumbs plugins for TXP simply lack the functionality that I am after.

This plugin has been tested on TXP RC3, RC4, v. 4 and v. 4.0.1.

Keep enjoying TXP - I do ; ).


v 0.3

  • relies on glz_vars()
  • can display how many live articles are filed under a certain Section, Category or even the whole site
  • if article has Category2 specified, it will display it
  • performance improvement (more db friendly - glz_vars() reduces the load directly proportional to the glz_ plugins in use)

v 0.2

  • works in TXP RC4
  • displays Category1 Title as well
  • doesn't rely on Mary's upm_section_title() anymore

v 0.1.1

  • if a Site name isn't set in Admin > Preferences, $sitename defaults to Home
  • added upm_section_title() to the title attribute of <a> tag @ section level
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Initially released:
2 July 2005
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02 Jul 2005

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