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This is a plugin to show breadcrumbs for txp. It already has quite a few options built in and I’ll add some more after my run. It is also based off of txp vars instead of URLs.

It works reliably in article forms as well as pages, and wouln’t mess up if it doesn’t have a section or categories. Valid Options

  • mode
    • “s”: section
    • “c”: category
    • “cc”: category category
    • “sc”: section category
    • “scc”: section category category
  • showhome: show an item to “home”
  • notitle: don’t show the article title in the breadcrumbs
  • hometitle: custom title for link to home
  • separator: seperator between sections and categories, etc.
  • combine: combination between two categories
  • replacements: replacements for the section titles. Use like replacements=“original name:New Name;other original name:Other New Name”

<txp:tcm_crumbs separator=" &raquo; " showhome="0" notitle="0" mode="sc" />

will produce:
homepage » sectionname

Update: V 0.4 – replacements & titles

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07 Mar 2005

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