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Give your listings a little highlight!

Updated to v0.5

A plugin to format and display a text file—specifically a file of code—in a convenient manner.

There are other plugins out there that do this, but this was my first shot an a TXP plugin—a project on which to cut my php teeth—and I wanted a code listing with cleaner layout than glx_code and a lot leaner output than GeSHi. This is the result.


Replace File

This plugin adds a replace function to the file edit view. With Textpattern version 4.0.6…


Allows you to place an icon next to your file

Will display a list of files with an icon next to each file link. The list can be sorted by category, id, filetype and number of downloads.


Associate single or multiple files with an article.

upm_file_packets is no more. You want upm_file and/or upm_file_popper.

Custom fields for files

adding custom fields to supplement RC3 file support feature

I updated to RC3 and love the file support, but I was missing one thing: custom fields for additional informations like file author. So today I tried to implement it and it works good for me. I decided to share this hack with people who are new to php or who have no time to do it themselves.


File Download Information

This plugin is a companion to Mod File Upload , and allows for outputting various…

File Upload

Allows uploading any file type in to TXP

This mod extends the admin interface by adding the ability to upload and manage any type of file.

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