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edited 20 Apr 2015


…anything. Syntax In an article form: <txp:cbs_article_index /> Attributes Required none. … CSS class attribute for wraptag, default is cbs_article_index. Changes history v0.2 (2006-09-27) …

edited 20 Apr 2015


…section of the advanced settings panel. cbs_section_language_sections: Comma-separated list of … Whitespaces are allowed before and after commas. cbs_section_language_languages: Comma-separated list … of language codes, matching each section of the cbs_section_language_sections setting above. A …

edited 20 Apr 2015


…this category will not be shown. Syntax <txp:cbs_category_list /> Attributes Required none. … CSS class attribute for wraptag, default is cbs_category_list. activeclass: CSS class attribute …

edited 20 Apr 2015


…will not take your website offline until the cbs_maintenance_mode_enabled setting is set to true … section of the main settings panel. cbs_maintenance_mode_enabled: Boolean, when set to … when maintenance is complete. Default is false. cbs_maintenance_mode_message: The message that will be …

edited 20 Apr 2015


…address. Syntax In a comment form: <txp:cbs_gravatar /> Attributes Required none. Optional …

edited 20 Apr 2015


…access keys for each menu entry. Syntax <txp:cbs_navigation_menu sections="a,b,c" …

edited 20 Apr 2015


…browsers. Requirements Since version 0.8, cbs_live_search can use either the jQuery or MooTools … it is recommended that you include jQuery first. cbs_live_search is also compatible with the … Here are the MooTools Core modules required by cbs_live_search: Native: all Class: all Element: … Element.Style Fx: Fx.Morph Request: Request The cbs_live_search plugin comes bundled with a file named … include it before MooTools. Syntax <txp:cbs_live_search /> Attributes Required none. …

edited 11 Jul 2007


…This simple plugin is based on the plugin cbs_category_list from Christophe Beyls, but shows the …

edited 27 Mar 2008


…This code is just a hacked/modified version of cbs_category_list v0.9 by Christophe Beyls …

edited 29 Sep 2009


…History This plugin is very similar to the cbs_article_index plugin (didn’t realize this …

edited 6 Mar 2017


…attribute. This plugin is based on cbs_live_search, but adds enough new features to …

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