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Hiding and customizing the comments form and system

Hiding the comments form and customizing the comments in general

This is the documentation of a few of the steps I took to achieve a customized comments system..

i had stated in the forum that i would like to be able to:

have the comments show only when you click on ‘comments’, rather than having the comments and commentform (particularly) shown fully when on a single_article page.

so here’s how i successfully managed this on mine…

Self-comment email prevention

Prevent email notification of your own comments

Here is a way to prevent you receiving an email notification of your own comments.

(Read the instructions at the Information URL below)

Open All Comments

Open Comments in Textpattern after an Import

Here is a script you can run after the fact to open up commenting on posts imported by my script.

Place the script in your textpattern directory, rename it from open-comments.php.txt to open-comments.php, and run it by browsing to the page in your web browser. I’ve ran it on my install at home, and it...

Comments Count

Displaying the number of comments

To display the number of comments for an article (for use in an aritcle form), use the following tag: <txp:comments_count />.

This tag will display a number if there is at least one comment to the article. If you would like the number ‘0’ to display when there are zero comments, find...

Prevent email notifications for your own comments

Textpattern Notes Part 3

Here is a way to prevent you receiving an email notification of your own comments

read at Info Page

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