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Category Menu generator

This plugin generates a html list based on your site category structure.

Learn by example

<txp:azp_menugen start="fruits" showcount="yes">

will generate a menu of category fruits and all its subcategories if available and show the article count.

<txp:azp_menugen start="?" depth="3">

will generate of menu of the current selected category and show maximum three levels of subcategories. start property is by default "?"

<txp:azp_menugen start="root">

will generate a menu of all the site categories

Also, azp_menugen generates XHTML compliant list menu and tags the active items with the css class "active"

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
17 feb 2006
Posted here:
19 Mar 2006
Article modified:
03 Feb 2014

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Commented (7)

Problems fixed. Thanks!

Also released version 1.0 Release Candidate.
Couldn’t connect to No route to host
Problem fixed. Moved the file to a more stable host.
Nice pluging but…
You are building links to ”/category/...”, but it only works on english instalations. :-(
Download link isn’t working, “file not found”...

Andrei – is there anyway to remove the link from the parent category? I have a 2 level category list and only want the categories on the 2nd level to link.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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