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This plugin adds a TinyMCE based WYSIWYG editor to Textpattern.


  1. Upload the included TinyMCE distribution to somewhere in your document root. The default location is in your /textpattern/ directory.
  2. Install the plugin included in hak_tinymce.txt and activate it. Installing plugins
  3. Go to Extensions -> hak_tinyme and run the installation.
  4. If you placed TinyMCE somewhere other then in /textpattern/ you can set the location now


  • The editor will not come on by default on blank articles if “Use Textile” is selected in the Preferences. If you want to use the editor all the time change the default to “Leave text untouched”
  • If textile is turned on it will be disabled if you toggle the editor on. Conversely if you turn Textile back on it will turn off the editor.

Known issues

  • This plugin requires version 4.2.0 or higher.
  • Safari and Opera support is only experimental.


This is an update of mic_tinymce, originally developed by Michele Campeotto.

A lot of the admin code was made possible by examining Mary’s plugins.

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Initially released:
Posted here:
30 Nov 2005
Article modified:
09 Jun 2011

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Commented (29)

I installed the plug-in,I uploaded the folder in the zip file into textpattern directory (directly), I activated it, but when I toggle it in the editor window, it doesnt let me write in the text window (I see all the panel, but its not working).
I had the same problem. I tested the plugin in Firefox 1.5 and IE6 with Textpattern 4.0.2. It didn’t allow me to write in the editor window. It threw not only javascript warnings but lots of errors, like “uncaught exception: permission to read the attribute HTMLDocument.body was denied”.
This seems to be due to some cross site scrpting protections in the browsers. Make sure you are accessing your site using the same URL that is specified in the “Site URL” setting in your admin tab. If it includes a www use the www because that’s how the plugin creates links to the locations of the files.

The resolution to this problem in the forum ended being that the problem shows up if you have “Site URL” set to and you are accessing the site through If you include the www the problem would go away.

BTW the forum threads are always a better source for support.
Excellent Plug-In, thanx a lot for this integration :)

Thanks a Lot for this excelent plugin Patrick !


By changing two lines in your editor_ui.css file, I was able to get the tinymce to work properly in Opera.

change line 159 to:

filter: alpha(opacity=30);

change line 179 to:

filter: alpha(opacity=30);

Tested in FF, IE, and Opera.

That CSS file is part of the official TinymCE distribution, which I try to keep as pristine as possible to make upgrading easier.

You can specify your own CSS file to be used instead of editor_ui.css by using the editor.css directive in the initialization string.

What I tend to do is import the default one and then override what I want to change. That makes upgrading a breeze.

I love this plugin, one thing I would suggest is finding a way to make posting embeded videos (like youtube) easier.

Right now, the only way I can do that is by turning off the editor and pasting the code in.

Clicking on HTML doesn’t do it for some reason.

Mister T,

Check out this thread in the TinyMCE forum on how to accomplish embedding youtube videos.

Here are the docs on the flash plugin mentioned and the new Media Plugin which they now recommend using instead.

@hakjoon …

Thanks for the tip.

I don’t want to be the foolish guy here … but reading the documentation, I have no idea how to install the Media Plugin.

It isn’t a regular TXP plugin right? But instead is a plugin for this plugin … I just don’t know how to do that – it is very new to me.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

If you are using the latest version 0.7.1 it will be included in the bundled tiny_mce folder. To enable it go to Extensions -> hak_tinymce and go to the initialization boxes (there is one for body and one for excerpt).

In the plugins: line add media to the list, this will load the plugin.

Then add media to one of the theme_advanced_buttons lines which will determine where the button for it will show up.

The options for the plugin can also be added here using the same format option:“value”

Hit me up on the forum thread or send me an email if you need more help.

Web designer’s clients who are not so web-savy will kiss your feet :)


hi. when i installed this plugin the button “toggle editor” on the left side of the edit-field has another and therofore wrong xhtml structure than all other buttons.

the structure is always like this: a H3 and a Onclick-Link within
on the next line a Div with all relevant Stuff

but in tinymce button cunstruct the div is also in the h3-tag included. therefore i have a styling problem.

is it just a bug due a wrong installation on my side or is the code like this in generall?


this is the code/ problem:

how can i fix that? (means get the div out of the h3)

It’s a bug. From looking at it I’d say I introduced it when I updated the markup for 4.0.4 (the h3 used to be a p).

It seems I’m never closing the h3 which is what is causing the problem.

It’s a simple fix I’ll have an updated version up tonight.

Version 0..7.3 is up which fixes the markup problem.


I have clients who needs this kind of tools, but there is some problems; pasting text inside textarea —only linebreaks (br) in sourcecode, not paragraphs. Thats not valid. I have other little things that wories me, but … I can wait updated version.

Bets place for reporting problems is the forum thread however what kind of text are you pasting?

Single line breaks like
this one will give you a br

Double line breaks like

this one should give you a paragraph

You could also try teh paste plugin to see if it behaves more how expect.


Great plugin! I have some problems in installation, due to browser issues, but when a updated the browser it works perfectly!
Congrats for the plugin!



Sorry to disturb you but when I write something and make some edit like change the color to red it shows the change.. But after publish it does’nt. I dont understanding what is the problem. I check with joomla its worked.

Can you tell me where look for this problem in the code?


This is a great plugin. Just one thing though: Linking to files is a bit awkward – as far as I can tell, you have to go into the HTML and add the link manually. Does anyone know a way to get round this?

fyanka: I think that rah_textile_bar is much better than this WYSIWYG-based plugin, for rah_textile_bar uses Textile and produces cleaner markup. It is also lighter than this plugin.


rah_textile_bar looks interesting – I might use it on another project, but I think my current clients will want wysiwyg. And inserting images is so easy with TinyMCE that I think that’s a massive plus.

But still looking for a way to link to files easily, while using TinyMCE. Anyone found a way to do this?

I’m hoping to have some time to finish the port to TinyMCE 3 soon, this will include an Article/File linker that has been in my backlog for forever.


That sounds good – will keep a look out…


I will kiss your feet fpr tinyMCE 3! :-)


Hi, great extension! Is it possible to upgrade this to the fabulous version of TinyMCE that WordPress are using?


A dozen thank-yous, and more to come your way, I think.

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