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Itemstats-Implementation in Textpattern

If you ever wanted to use that nifty Itemstats-Functionality in your Articles you should give this implementation a try.


Highlights the search terms that brought a visitor from Google

Automatic Acronyms

Enhances acronym handling

Automatically convert common acronyms like XML, HTML, TXP without having to define them via the ACRO method. You can still define your own acronym’s.

Markdown with Textpattern

Start by downloading Michel Fortins PHP Markdown that is a ported version of John Grubers Markdown to PHP.

Getting it to work is very simple, just replace...

Installing Gravatars

TextPattern Hack for adding Gravatars to your Textpattern site

From the Gravatar implementor’s guide, here’s how to get Gravatars working on your site.

(A plugin is also available now: glx_gravatar.)

Gravatars, and how not to show them

The basic implementation instructions don’t mention how to not display the gravatar for those commenters who don’t have one, so here is how I accomplished it.

(see the Information URL)

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