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Textpattern Gallery

Textpattern Gallery 1.21 basically gives you a Gallery with just one tag to enter but with alot of features if you need them.

Currently there is only one variante of the Gallery but it will in the future support different types of displaying images.

As for now it works with JS which is not depending on any clean or messy URL notation. And for thoose of you wanting the pictures to be loadable without JS it works too. The current display routine is based on: JavaScript Image Gallery by Jeremy Keith

It is quite elegant because it uses a descriptionContainer and a imageContainer that get filled with the data the moment you click on a imageLink in the list.


  • supports queries on Images by Author and/or Category
  • Lets you sort the List.
  • pass your own image ID
  • pass your own descriptionID
  • autogenerates thoose containers for you if needed.

Usage Examples:

<txp:gallery />
Outputs all images found!
<txp:gallery category="privat" />
Outputs all images found from category “privat”.
<txp:gallery category="privat" limit="10" />
Outputs all images found from category “privat” and limits list to 10.
<txp:gallery imageID="mycontainer" />
replaces Image identified by imageID with the Galleryimage
<txp:gallery imageID="mycontainer" descID="myparagrah" />
replaces Image identified by imageID with the Galleryimage and fills the paragraph identified by descID with Imagecaption

I still didn’t get the time to fix some minors but heres a quick howto:

  • create a new image category
  • Upload some images and fill out Alt text & description
  • assign each picture to your new category
  • insert a <txp:gallery category="NAME HERE" /> call into one of your articels.

Your done

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Initially released:
28 March 04
Posted here:
23 Mar 2005
Article modified:
05 Jun 2009

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Commented (6)

Does not work with the new URL-schemes in TXP RC3!
Can I use it in new version 4.0.1?
Looks like exactly what I need but doesn’t work at all.

I followed the copy/paste/upload steps from the “How to install plugins in textpattern” link above and get nothing. Seems like I have a newer version of TP that works differently?? 4.03…

How can I make this work?
Some people have had trouble installing this, and getting the script to run properly.

First, use the TXP plugin. Copy only the code from inside , otherwise the base64 decoding won’t work.

Second, when you are attempting to place a gallery inside an article, and you are experiencing an error message about array_merge(), you are probably using PHP5 instead of 4. To fix this, edit the code on line 67 or 68:

$out = array_merge($out,$script);

Replace it with:

$out = array_merge((array)$out,(array)$script);
i tried installing this with version 4.0.3 of textpattern and i get this error Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 7 bytes in textpattern/include/txp_plugin.php on line 155
Mr. Charlie:
Searching for Gallery, and this one looks very promising but

“It is quite elegant because it uses a descriptionContainer and a imageContainer that get filled with the data the moment you click on a imageLink in the list.”

I find it to be quite un-elegant.
When you land on the page you have no idea that the image you are looking at is actually the second link in the image list, a link that when clicked nothing happens. So I click another link, there is a pause and nothing happens with no indication that I need to wait so I click on another link and another when I finally notice the text below the current image is shifting so something is happening. I wait and an image appears. So I learn to click and wait, click and wait (1-2 seconds per image for me in Windows Firefox 1.5 with a very fast high speed connection). Works very smoothly once all images are cached.

No preview of the images, a wait for an image to appear with no UI notice presented to the user and no indication of current or past viewed images… the code, integration and implementation may be elegant but for a visitor there’s some work to be done.

Just another guy looking for txt + img…

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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