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TXP Thirteen

TXP Thirteen Post

I’ve ported Thirteen to TXP which is the third of 4 styles that I am looking at from “Beccary”: This isn’t one of my full-blown systems and is only suitable for TXP 4.0 and up because I’m still steering clear of plug-ins until there is a more concerted effort to get them updated. I’m using the standard search box and results have been styled. There are About and Contact pages built-in but no form mailer is used. If you want archives I’ll leave that up to the user. I have also included an “error_404” template for those that can use it. This facility will become available in 4.0.2 but if you keep up-to-date with SVN you can use it now.

This should be an easier style for newcomers to install whilst still giving them a few pointers on the basics of setting up a TXP site.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
9 October 2005
Posted here:
09 Oct 2005

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