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A plugin that handles switching of MIME Types, serving Textpattern documents as application/xhtml+xml, with a DTD of XHTML1.1 to browsers that support it. Other browsers just get XHTML1.0 with text/html as mime type. See also this forum thread.

Additionally, the plugin uses ob_gzhandler to compress (gzip) the files as send to the browsers. (saves a bit of bandwidth…)

This plugin use a variation of the Keystone method.

To use:

  • in your page templates, delete everything you have at the top of the document, including the opening <head> tag, and replace by <txp:phw_dtd />
  • You’ll need to modify one Textpattern file: publish.php (on line 170, it is sending headers as text/html; the line can be commented out, as the plugin will take care of those headers.

//comment out the following line in textpattern/publish.php
// header(&#8220;Content-type:text/html; charset=utf-8&#8221;);

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24 Mar 2005

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