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Jukka Svahn
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Rah_if_search has been superseded by Textpattern core. As of Textpattern v4.3.0 release built-in tags can offer the same functionality as rah_if_search. Namely tags such as if_search, variable, if_variable and search_term. The variable tags offer an excellent way to do generic comparison operations, such as checking the searched term.

To compare the searched term to an user defined value:

<txp:variable name="search_term" value='<txp:search_term />' />

<txpif_variable name="search_term" value="cat">
	You searched for a cat.
<txp:else />
	You search for a <txp:search_term />.

Check if on a search results page:

	...contained statement...
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30 Oct 2008

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