Content last modified Tuesday 24 August 2021
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Using this site

The Help section is a pretty good place to start..

There’s also the About page if you’d like to know where the heck you are.

The place I tend to visit first/most on this site is the Archive, because that’s where all the articles are laid out, and you can quickly jump to what you’re looking for.

Of course, the Search option is also pretty useful for finding things (who’d a thunk?)..

I suppose it all depends on what you’re doing here. Did you come here on purpose, looking for something specific? Or did you chance upon here by accident? Do you know what Textpattern is? Or is that a seemingly ridiculous question to you because you think anyone visitng this site obviously knows all about Textpattern (you’d be suprised by some of the emails I’ve received, then, by newbies and random visitors).

If you know what you’re looking for, hit up Search or Archives.

If you’re browsing to see what’s new, play around on the front page or visit some of the section pages, or check out the Tags page.

If you’re looking for more beginner’s type of information, spend more time browsing the Help, maybe read some of the About section, and perhaps check out some basic tutorials

You know you want to visit the Archives.
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