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edited 30 Aug 2005


…url) and “form” (the form). It uses MagpieRSS. …

edited 6 Nov 2006

Linklists and Blogroll

…to work, some files from the RSS Reader Software MagpieRSS have to be transferred to your server. The …

edited 9 Dec 2007


…is the plugin itself, and some files from MagpieRSS. TXP.icio.us lets you easily integrate your …

edited 25 Nov 2005

jfp_last23img plugin

…to display your last uploaded image. It uses MagpieRSS to read and parse some user’s feed and … /> Requirements You’ll need MagpieRSS installed under textpattern/lib/magpierss. … if your host has a global install of MagpieRSS you can just edit the plugin to customize … ‘MAGPIE_PATH’. License Released under the Gnu …

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