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Czech textpattern

Czech Textpattern Resources site

Help for czech people with textpattern sites.. Introduction for installing, plugins, tricks and tips.

Textpattern cz with including Texy! in czech language.

Informace o redakÄ?ním systému textpattern. Návod na instalaci (také...

TXP Tag Reference PDF

A PDF generated from the tag reference section of TextBook

Being new to TXP and having a liking for dead tree documentation, I have put together a PDF of the Textpattern tags section of TextBook.

I built it by putting together an Applescript to load each of the individual pages into Safari, saved them to PDFs, then...

Czech Help

Czech introduction to Textpattern

Do you installing textpattern, but do you know it? There is czech introduction for you.

Czech textpattern

Na tÄ›chto stránkách naleznete návod na instalaci textpatternu, jeho správu a možnosti rozšíření – pluginů.

Guide for Textpattern authors / end-users

Guide for Textpattern authors / end-users

I’ve created a basic end-user manual for clients – basically a guide for authors and other non-technical end-users of the Textpattern system.

Textpattern Plugin How To

This guide contains resources and tips that will help you in authoring your own Textpattern plugins.

Textpattern on OS X

Installing Textpattern on Mac OS X 10.3

This article covers the following:

  1. What does Textpattern offer?
  2. Downloading and Installing Textpattern 1.0rc1
  3. Enabling Personal Web Sharing
  4. Downloading and Installing MySQL
  5. Configuring MySQL
  6. Enabling and Testing PHP
  7. Configuring Textpattern

Textpattern 121 Part Two

MOAE: Textpattern Information

Well after giving my brain a chance to heal for a couple of days, I decided it was time to carry on with Part Two. I’ve covered the basic interface for Textpattern, so now I’d like to step through an example site design and illustrate how the tags, templates, sections and forms can be used together and how they affect each other.

Textpattern 121 Part One

MOAE: Textpattern Information

This essay is intended to be more detailed and start at getting TXP out of the box, running, and begin modifying the templates in various interesting ways. Along the way I’ll cover the majority of the aspects of TXP and frequenty occurring “gotchas” as I can. As always though, it’s impossible to cover everything and if...

Textpattern 101

MOAE: Textpattern Information

I created this essay as a means to get folks started with TXP after reading a lot of the questions on the support forums. It is not intended to be a particularly technical explanation about how to do very specific things. For that the forums are the best spot. This is intended to answer the sorts of questions that...

Managing static pages

A common beginner’s question about Textpattern is how to manage non-blog content, like an “about” page, or a collection of documents. This is quite easy to achive, though not entirely obvious to a first time user. Below are some layouts that might help beginners; experienced users will probably want to skip this one.

Textpattern Tutorial [de]

Tutorial in German

An introductory guide to Textpattern, written in German.

Textpattern Tags

"A manual for impatient users"

Among other features, TXP comes with a powerful mechanism to obtain a high degree of customization in the look & feel of your TXP powered website, providing us a fine grane control over almost all the aspects we should take into consideration when we manage our site with a CMS.
All output related things are handled throughout TXP...

A Simple TextPattern Tutorial

Tutorial on the TextPattern Presentation Model

This tutorial focuses on the TextPattern presentation model. Three elements of the model are discussed: page templates, stylesheets, and sections. After you see the interrelationship of these elements, you will be well on your way to developing your website using TextPattern.

(also available in pdf)

Textpattern Semantics

JDueck's Guide to Textpattern Semantics

This article is here to explain the elements in the Textpattern structure of design, and their relationship to one another. A correct understanding of Textpattern’s concepts & intended purposes is grease on the waterslide of happiness and fulfillment.

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