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Gonçalo Dumas
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TXP Tag Reference PDF 2

This is an up-to date version of the document found in here.

This document was assembled to help me keep track of the tags originally found in the Textbook Alphabetical Tag Listing.

To keep things short I’ve assembled only the necessary text, having skipped the individual tag summary and all the navigation aids that are not typically needed in a printed media.

Nevertheless the document has a dynamic structure made to help you navigate trough the txp tags.

The information gathering date is of 2005/01/16.
I’ll also make available the original word (*.DOC) version so that newer tags or newer information are added as they get available.

Download PDF file
Download DOC file
(+/- 650Kb each)

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17 Jan 2006
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03 Jul 2010

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Commented (15)

Thank you for doing this, and for sharing!
This is so useful because I do most of my development when I’m on the train.

Both download links are giving an Internal Server Error as of 4/16/06.
Links are broken for me too (4/21/06).
I really need this document… Maybe does somebody have it on his HD?

please send it to me: – So I can make it availible on my FTP
links are broken! please could somebody host them anywhere?

Or send it to me
Gonçalo Dumas:
Links are now updated!
Just the links, not the content. ;o)
Thanks. Very useful. Huge resource at 105 pages.

Although this is for the previous version it is very very useful for my work.
Thank you very much, Gonçalo!

Without people like you, Textpattern would be a lot less fun to learn. You rock.

Goncalo Dumas:

Thank, but I have to gather some time to update the information on those pdfs.


I am new to Textpattern. I bought the Textpattern Solutions book, but it is one of the most frustrating books I’ve come across. Your selection and examples here are much better. Thanks a lot.


Uploaded my copy to scribd=


Sorry, wrong link. Use this one here.

In case the preview looks unusable in browsers, click the download link right hand.

Goncalo Dumas:

These documents are already outdated so I think there’s no need in maintain the links to download.


Great work! What did you you to create the file?
I only ask because I’m trying to find something that will pull text from doc sites and create pdf’s with some sort of formatting.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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