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TXP Tag Reference PDF

Being new to TXP and having a liking for dead tree documentation, I have put together a PDF of the Textpattern tags section of TextBook.

I built it by putting together an Applescript to load each of the individual pages into Safari, saved them to PDFs, then used Acrobat Professional to stitch them all together. Not such a difficult task, but as I’ve already done it, if anyone else wants the resulting PDF they can have it gladly as it seems plain daft for them someone else to have to duplicate my efforts. It is 90 pages long and 683KB in size.

Download it from the link below.

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Archived [?]: download broken

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17 Jul 2005
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25 Apr 2011

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Commented (7)

This file is also hosted at now.. thanks Steve.
Alternative Download link
The alternative download pdf appears to be broken.
Just checked them both and they work for me.
Yep, it wasn’t before, but now it is, so… :)
When I try to open the PDF Acrobat (and Preview in OS X) say that the file is corrupt and can’t open it.

Any ideas?

I try to download from link “Download File” but there is an error:
Server not found

same for me ;(
dont u think it would be better to add a ‘table of contents’ on the left side to navigate the tags easily?

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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