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Posting automatically from to Textpattern

Setup: Go to, and click on “add a new thingy”.

Here’s the settings that are working for me:

job_name: whatever makes sense :) —mine is “Textpattern”

out_name: I created a new account, just for blog posting, and gave it Freelancer status, meaning this login can only post articles. The display name for this Textpattern account is “Carla @”.
out_pass: password for the above Textpattern account

out_url: (source for this mod:

out_time: My understanding is that this setting is GMT time, only as a digit. When I set mine to 0, the post was published at 21:00 EST.

out_blog_id: This is the name of the Textpattern section for these posts.

out_cat_id: This is the number of the category under which you wish to post.
For this id number, just hover your mouse over the desired -section/-category, and the correct number will be the end of the tooltipped URI.

the outputted CSS, for styling:
ul class = delicious
div classes = delicious-link, delicious-tags, delicious-extended

Hope this helps someone!

edit: after playing with my configuration, I discovered that Textpattern prefers the actual short name of the section, rather than its numerical ID. Sorry about that.
Also, just as an aside, if you set up a Freelancer account exactly the way I did, you will have to approve posts, since they will come through as Pending.

note, Feb. 8, 2006: The XMLRPC hack/mod can now be accomplished via a plugin: Enjoy!

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Archived [?]: outdated. replaced by gho_xmlrpc

Posted here:
11 Nov 2005
Article modified:
28 Feb 2008

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Commented (4)

I have added the official TXP XML-RPC package to my 4.0.4 installation.

Posting blog posts from diferent blog editors is no problem.

But that daily thingy does not show up.

Did somebody make it work (and how)?

Same problem as Markus, still! Anyone found a solution yet?

Developer ‘wet’ a.k.a. Robert did a complete overhaul of the TXP XML-RPC for the upcoming TXP 4.0.7.

Workaround: Post single d.i.u entries as single articles by transforming the RSS feed via TXP plug-in asv-tumblelog.

Thanks for the tutorials.

<a href=“”>Shohel Rana</a>

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