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Finding the best colors

Getting those colors juuuust right can be a tedious task. And guess what, others have struggled before you. Below are a set of links you can use when you need inspiration or are absolutely colorblind. The links are compiled from a post over at textpattern

ColorSchemer online

Adam Polselli
Color forecast
Color schemes
Color scheme generator
color theory and matching

Eric Meyer
Color blender

Colormatch 5000
6 color matching palette

ready-made color sets

webmasters 216-color palette


Color Palette Generator
Color Palette Generator

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28 Nov 2004
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04 Jun 2005

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Commented (7)

Great list! You can add to it.
Another great one is Color Palette Generator where you upload an image and it creates a colorscheme from that image.
Thanks! Thats a nice addition.
You should add or to it – there is A LOT of useful stuff.

ColorMatch 5000 has moved:

You might also consider adding GenoPal. It takes a very different approach to color palette creation: it isn’t based on the traditional color wheel, but on how the human eye perceives color.

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