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Subversion (SVN)

“Subversion is a version control program. You can use it to get the latest version of textpattern Dean is working on. If you want to use the most bleeding edge release, then you would want to download your Textpattern install from Subversion, as it is going to be the most recent. If things are broken, then would probably revert to an older more stable version in the repository. If you were helping Dean test, then you would probably use the current version regardless. If you want to help out with the development, you might use the version in SVN. If you have modified your install of Textpattern, then when Dean updates, you can use the merge features in SVN to make upgrading less painful. There are plenty of reasons to use SVN.” ~Ramanan


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18 Feb 2005
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31 Mar 2005

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I like to add a helpfull link to the article. Textpattern and Subversion by Stephen Bau.

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