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TXPBlog Design Blog

This template is converted from ramblingsoul Free cs template by Install: – upload image, _template and js directorys to root of your txp website. – install mem_templates plugin, after this, you can see “Extension” menu on backend. – To use this template, you need back up your current template and import this template via “Extension” TXP backend menu.


This template includes main, footer, sidebar position and more, but you only need three to customize your site.
You can edit footer content with footer form.
You can edit widgets content with widget_name form. EX, click on widget_facebook from form manager and replace content with your facebook badget.Similar with widget_twitter and others.
Sidebar form to load your widgets.

You can edit sidebar content with sidebar form – add more or remove one of widgets.

Main form to load main content area.
When you want to create new page, ex: music, copy your default page to music. Create music form, Find ““ and replace it with yours ““.

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09 Oct 2010
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17 Oct 2010

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Information URL has htttp instead of http and does not work therefore

Thank for your report. You can provide more detail? … It help me fix the problem … My English is not good …

Ahh… i see … the wrong link of my site , not template error … Thank you.

Bob Franklin:

Watch out for the information URL… it’s full of spammy ads that pop up and overwrite your screen.

No problem … It belongs to Ads service. You can click SKIP THIS ADS to continue into site …

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