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Fine, textpattern has already provided a recent comments tag. But someone love it and someone hate it. And it indeed is not so powerful enough. So, this thing was born.


  1. class: css class, default is wyn_recent_comments
  2. wraptag: tag of wrap, default is ul
  3. break: tag of every item, default is li
  4. label: title label, default is nothing
  5. labeltag: tag of title, default is nothing
  6. limit: number of comments to show, default is 10
  7. wordcount: the length of each comment. The comment whose length is longer than this value, it will be cut off, with UTF-8 support. default is 10
  8. messagebreak: if a comment has been cut off, this value will be showed after it. default is ‘…’
  9. format: the things to show. you can customize it by using tags (%content% for comment content, %commenter% for commenter name, %time% for comment time and %title% for post title). default is %content%
  10. atitle: the title attribute of generated a links. tags can also be used here. default is %commenter% on %time%
  11. section: limit the comments into one section
  12. timeformat: the format of time. it uses standard PHP time format, you can refer PHP doc to know more. default is ‘%d %b %Y · %X’, a little difficult :D
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Initially released:
2008 / 04 / 04
Posted here:
04 Apr 2008
Article modified:
07 Apr 2008

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Commented (2)

Does this plugin have a feature to set an offset of comments? By offset I mean that for example if offset=“5” then only comments after 5th latest comment would be listed.

In latest version textpattern, the word count option is not actually counting the words but each character so, adjust accordingly. Nice plug-in.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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