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When you publish a new post, this plugin will mail it to everywhere (email address of course :D) you want.

That means, you can publish the post onto other BSPs, which support email publish feature (like live space, or blogger), just as the same time you publish on textpattern.


  • 0.2: Add admin config panel, you can not only set the email addresses here, but also customize the content of mail
  • 0.1: Initialize Release, just has basal function, a little troublesome to use


  1. Install and active it, and of course, set up your email publish function of your BSPs
  2. Go to extenstion -> Email Publish
  3. Now you can set the mail address, use ‘;’ to separator if you have more than one address
  4. Set the title and body of mail, you can use the tag title, body, author and link to replace the title
    , the content, the author name and the link of the article. (NOTICE: link and body are NOT allowed in mail title)
  5. Go to write a new post to introduce this little thing :D

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01 Apr 2008
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07 Apr 2008

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Commented (6)

I get a “Plugin code empty or not valid” message when trying to install it… :-(

Can you check the code?

@Maurizio: It works for me… Would you please try again? And did you download the plugin from Google Codes?

Uhm… actually, in one site of mine this plugin works fine, and in another I still get the empty code error when trying to install!… that’s very strange. Never happened before… I will look further.

I have never seen this before… Disable all the other plugins and give another try?

It’s very strange. I can paste it in every installation except one. But from a working installation of mine I can re-export it via ied_plugin_composer and then it paste successfully on the first site. This time it works and everyone is happy!…

Could it be an encoding issue with your text file mixed with some server setting?… just guessing.



I had the same error. It turns out that there’s an extra space at the end of each line in the downloaded Google Code. Remove it and the plugin will upload correctly.

I used Smultron on a Mac, but I’m sure any text editor that displays ‘invisible’ characters would work. HTH.

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