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If you’ve tried all the easy gallery plugins and none of them quite fit the bill, this one might just do what you want.


  • Supports all current and (probably) future gallery scripts including thumbpop, rollover, tooltip, lightbox, litebox, slimbox, moonbox, thickbox, slideshow, fancyzoom, etc
  • Pull images from the TXP database (or optionally a list of directories) that match categories, names, IDs, authors, extensions, aspect ratios / dimensions
  • Use article fields/custom fields to hold lists of image categories/IDs for article-specific galleries
  • Multi-level sub-category support
  • Gallery layout is defined in a TXP form or as a container
  • Direct-access pagination is supported and the layout of paging features is controlled by a second form
  • Uses a tag-replacement system like the wet_for_each_image plugin
  • MLP support

At its highest level, this plugin has a very complex attribute system but is designed to grow with you as you become more accustomed to its power; start simple and work up!

Requires TXP 4.2.0+ and smd_lib

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
11 Mar 2008
Posted here:
11 Mar 2008
Article modified:
03 Apr 2010

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Commented (14)

San marco:

The plugin sounds great but in reality it is very complicate. The documentation is lacking in more refined explanations, for example where the hell can i find the mootools.js? or what i have to put in the mootools.js for the slideshow? etc.
Its done in good will but half way able to be used.

@San marco:

Yes it’s complicated, because it’s mainly for use if you’ve reached the limits of other “easy” gallery solutions.

In this respect, because it is an “advanced” plugin, it assumes you know what you’re doing. You can get mootools but what you put in it is down to the author of the 3rd party effect you want to use (e.g. slideshow). The documentation for that effect should tell you what modules to include.

I cannot possibly list in the documentation all 3rd party tools available, because that’s the whole point: it is flexible enough to be used with all of them, and more.

However, I will certainly be updating the documentation as I find (or people submit) better, clearer examples. If you have any ideas for improvement, please let me know.


This sounds great! I’m currently using smd_slimbox with wet_for_each_image to do stuff.

@San Marco: Traditionally the type of statement that you made, also includes an example of what you’re trying to do. That being said, your comment is not useful (aside from making you kinda look like you gave it a half-assed effort, then made a gross generalization).

Side Note: Stef Dawson’s plugins have unlocked more than one door of confusion around textpattern concepts for me. I’m grateful for that!


@ San Marco:

I agree with joe. Get off your bum and type “mootools” into Google then all will be revealed, you will have used less keystrokes than you did typing up your silly comment.

I also second Joe’s opinion of Stef’s good work.


@ San Marco:

I agree with joe. Get off your bum and type “mootools” into Google then all will be revealed, you will have used less keystrokes than you did typing up your silly comment.

I also second Joe’s opinion of Stef’s good work.


Its realy wonderful, but i would like to ask you how i have do somethink like this:

<txp:smd_gallery category=”<txp:category />” form=“gallery” />

I would like to have list of categories and after clik on one category to open one gallery.

Does this work:

<txp:smd_gallery category=”?c” form=“gallery” />


uf, thanks for so fast answer.

Thanks for this plugin but installation doesn’t work this time. TXP says:“defect or blank code”

smd_lib installation works.


Try the zipped version from my web site.


@ Stef

Back on the bright side of life – thanks!


How can use this plugin with Slideshow2? The example for slideshow doesn’t work for this version…


Nice plugin, cheers. I’m trying to set it up to be an article-gallery but am having some difficulties.

Here’s what I’m after.

Each article within a certain section (using this gallery-article form I made) should have a gallery of it’s own. It should only show images related somehow to this specific article. Im sure it’s not a trouble for the plugin to pull these images out, but how would it work with the rest of textpattern?

Would I need the content managers to create a certain image category for each article they create? I’d like them to just upload images ‘to’ an article somehow, and show them in in the article.

How would this plugin practically use in normal cases?


the links seem to be broken. I can’t get smd_lib or download the file. Could anyone please fix this asap. I would love to have the plugin along with smd_lib

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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