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This plugin was made for filtering articles in the admin backend and it’s filtering by sections, categories, authors and statuses. It was made in the bachelor’s work under the direction of Ing. Přemysl Brada, MSc., Ph.D. Because it’s a javascript based plugin, the filtering is done without reloading the page.


After instalation, filter appears at the ‘Articles’ tab on admin side. It will be at the right top corner above the article list. After choosing an item from the filter, a new select box appears next to the first one. Its content – list of sections or categories or authors names or statuses – depends on the previous selection. The whole selection needs to be confirmed by the OK button. To turn filter off switch first filter select on blank item.



2008-03-31 – v0.6

  • alphabetically sorting of subcategories

2008-01-31 – v0.5

  • state and author filter added
  • IE bug fixed

2008-01-06 – v0.4

  • filter persistence

2008-01-04 – v0.3

  • filter form moved above the article list

2008-01-03 – v0.2

  • public release

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Initially released:
Jan 31/08
Posted here:
31 Jan 2008
Article modified:
13 May 2008

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Commented (2)


This is a very useful plug-in indeed. I particularly like the ability to filter articles by category and to have that filter applied persistently, in other words, to have the same filtered list there each time I come back to the articles tab.

I would like to see a similar filter to apply to the images and the files tabs so that I could have a persistent list of a particular category of image or file too.

Jan, here are the congratulations from your supervisor to reaching the “most helpful plugin” status :-) Well done.

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