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This plugin is intended to allow an administrator to put the site off-line and show a static page while doing maintenance tasks.

It is roughly equivalent to rvm_maintenance and was originated in the same forum thread, so you should choose whichever works best for you.

Idea and development: Héctor Rosso – Daniel Mammana – Gustavo Iorini
Tutoring: Mariano Absatz

Instituto de Tecnología ORTSeminario de Tecnología y Aplicaciones


Install and activate the plugin and you will see a new tab under the Admin tab named Site Maintenance with a textbox called Maintenance Mode Page, a pair of radio buttons called Site Mode, and a button labeled Set mode.

Initially, the textbox holds a predefined maintenance page and the Active radio button is selected.

Set maintenance mode with the default page

Simply select the Maintenance radio button and press Set mode. The visitors to your site will see the default Maintenance mode static web page. You can still use the administrative interface and make changes while in this mode.

Put the site in normal mode

Select the Active radio button and press Set mode. The site will work normally again.

Use a custom maintenance page

Replace the text in the Maintenance Mode Page textbox with any valid xhtml source text. You can create it by hand or with an html editor (like Dreamweaver or Frontpage), select the source html text and paste it into the textbox.

Select the Maintenance radio button and press Set mode. The visitors to your site will see your new Maintenance mode static web page.

If you prefer the original default static page, simply erase the contents of the textbox and press Set mode. This will reload the default page.

If you want to send a plain empty page you can either put the following in the textbox:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">

or simply put a single space in the textbox (this will actually create a textfile with only a space in it, but it will probably work just fine).

Configuration files

The plugin keeps its configuration (the site mode and the maintenance page content) in two plain text files in the server. These are maintained in the files directory (which you set in Advanced preferences). The web server must have read/write access to this directory, otherwise, this plugin will not work.

If you modify this directory location, you will loose the settings of this plugin.

The files are called ort_maintenancemode-config.txt (holds the site mode – active or maintenance) and ort_maintenancemode-pagecontent.txt which holds the contents of the static page shown when the site is in maintenance mode.

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14 Dec 2007
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14 Dec 2007
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26 Dec 2007

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Commented (4)

This plugin does not work! I have set it up and used the default settings and page content and I can still see my website!

plugin works fine for me. i’m assuming ‘designermonkey’ probably didn’t actually turn it on.

Mariano Absatz:

Yeah, Steve, that’s probably the problem…

designermonkey, did you select the Maintenance radio button and then pressed the Set mode button?

That should do it.

If you still have trouble, post in the support forum thread and we’ll follow-on there.

Thanx for using the plugin.

Mariano Absatz:

I just visited your site and I see the plugin is actually working :-)


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