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With our new Textpattern plugin you can manipulate the order of your articles and put them in different sections – by simply using Drag & Drop!


You should use at least Textpattern 4.0.5 for working with this plugin.

After activating the plugin, you will see a new admin tab at “presentation » navigation”. Using this menu, you can manipulate the navigation of your website with ease!

As a last step of the installation you’ll have to add the follwing attribute to your txp:article tag:

<txp:article sort="position asc" />

For “non-blog-sites” we also recommend the rdt_dynamenus plugin. Using this, you should add the following attribute:

<txp:rdt_article_menu sortby="position" sortdir="asc" />


You can download the stm_article_order plugin right here!

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20 Aug 2007
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09 May 2008

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Commented (11)

That’s very cool. Thanks for this I know it’s going to be useful for a lot of clients.

One little bug though is that it’s impossible to put something at the very end of a list. I usually have to move the last one up instead.

this is jQuery-Interface’s bug, not mine



I get an error when I try to install the plugin – malformed code


@ strawberryfusion: Do you have textpattern 4.0.5 with jQuery installed? If yes please drop me a mail with your error (

I’m using Latest TxP version 4.0.5 and (of course jQuery bundled with it ) and still get error :

malformed code


would somebody post his “malformed code”?

Hmm… The (malformed) code is not shown- TXP just tells you that there is an error.

I got this message in Safari, however when I used Firefox, the code seemed to install…

This plugin seems very useful (since custom ordering in TXP doesn’t really exist), however the site I am working on now uses “categories” for “sub-sections”.

Do you think you will be able to have the articles sorted by category also? (or at least maybe list the category so they can be ordered correctly?)


malformed code bug should now be fixed

A forum thread for this plugin would be very helpful. For one thing, users could subscribe to receive new comments.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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