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an7_mov handles both Quicktime and Flash Video media, and sports Mediabox integration for displaying said content in a lightbox window.

The latest Quicktime Media specifications require the use of JS and inline code to embed a QT file (more can be found on the Apple website). There are two options for a webmaster: either write a separate JS file for every QT media element you’ll use on your site, or use a master JS file and send the parameters via an inline script. Using the later method, the an7_mov plugin allows Textpattern to easily interface with the new requirements. Most of the settings (autoplay, loop, controller, etc.) can be setup in the plugin code as defaults, making repeated use of the tag as simple as possible.

Similar options are availible in the an7_video tag, allowing you to embed and play Flash Video files (.flv).

an7_movbox and an7_videobox are similar to above, but insert the content using Mediabox; a lightbox style script for quicktime, flash, and more.

visit the site for more information and examples.

Currently in beta, however, I’m using it on multiple sites and it seems to be holding up well. It should graduate soon enough. Mediabox is also in beta, and is also being used on multiple sites.

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28th May 2007
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04 Jul 2007
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08 Jul 2007

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wahoo ! looks great ! thanks for that

I need a hand with this plugin, head over to the forum post for details

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