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Easy way to embed videos in textpattern posts. Supports video embeding for the following sites: Google Video, YouTube, Break, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Collegehumor, Yahoo! Video, iFilm and MySpaceTV, and also local .swf files.

Thanks to that I've added the output in a JavaScript, the embeded code validates the W3 standards since the <embed> tag does not validates.

<txp:the_video />
Read the help for more information.



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14 Feb 2007
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14 Feb 2007
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30 Oct 2012

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Commented (21)

It does not work. Any configuration that avoids the display?

The Magnus:

What is it that does not work?
How does your txp tag look like?
What “from” value do you use?
Where do you put the the_video tag?

Please specify the issues as detailed as possible. Thank you in advance.

The Magnus:

I’m sorry, it was my fault… Please download again and tell me if there are any problems with the plugin.

Pls apologize the missing details. Now it works. Great plug-in! See it here

Thanks for this great Plugin. Do you think it´s possible to include some Tags for Metacafe? The Metacafe Links can include a “showStats”, “blogName” and “blogURL” which are usefull to Link your Blog with the Video.

This would be great. If not, no Problem. I will use it anyway because it´s so easy ;-)

Does it support custom fields for the ID?

Could you add support for videos from Vimeo and Collegehumor?

The Magnus:

Since the video hosts have different attributes I’ve decided not to take these specifics with in the code. Maybe in a later release.
I have added some new video hosts though! Have fun!


What parameters should be set if a file is local? The help file does not say where the file should reside nor what should be placed in the tag…??

The Magnus:

Hi Jonathan,
Sorry for my late respons.

Just upload the .swf in the files tab, and use the ID for the uploaded file in the the_video plugin. If local .swf is used the width and height must be set.


Using your extension of the shell would not give a valid page in W3C validator.

It’s seems that having CDATA tags helps:

Juste replace the last ligne before the return by
$output = ‘<script type=“text/javascript”>

The Magnus – this looks cool! I was about to write something similar for my plugin, but this should work well.

The Magnus:

The plugin is now updated with the example from Zeta.

Thank you all for your feedback!


Thanks for the update Magnus. Great plugin! Can you add a forum thread for the plugin?

The Magnus:

Jonathan: Forum thread is added!


It makes the feed to a invalid xml. says


Hi again, would you be able to add Flickr support, now that they offer videos?

Is there a reason I get the error ‘Badly formed or empty plugin code.’ on v 4.2.0 of txp when I try and install the plugin?


same problem here. 0.7 worked fine, now it seems to be broken somehow. can’t install it.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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