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  • creates a JS-based gallery of all picture files found in a specified directory, with preloading and graceful degradation.
  • needs only 1 parameter: the directory containing the pics
  • Sort order is generated from the filenames.
    Caution: no extended sanity checking on filenames
  • Image descriptions are generated from the filenames
  • numerical selection list, definable via CSS class “gallery”

Tested with 4.0.4. and PHP5 only
Demo: link

Based on “Textpattern Gallery 1.21” by Max Ziebell and Jeremy Keith. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. Please drop me a note if you use this plugin on your site (just curious).

Feedback is appreciated. You may find some inelegant code since I’m no web developer but a C and assembler guy.

Update Nov 7: Version 0.3
– Includes the bugfix by Christophe Beyls.
– trailing slash bug fixed, e.g. “www.mydomain/gallery/” works
– image sorting by trailing numbers didn´t work properly
– extended error codes
Note: not yet thoroughly tested

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Archived [?]: orphaned

Initially released:
Posted here:
17 Sep 2006
Article modified:
20 Jan 2008

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Commented (10)

I like this it’s nice and simple – thank you. Might I suggest that you remove repeating id’s so the html will validate and also the you mark the active link with an active class so it can be styled

Cheers, Lee
Could it be that this script requires PHP 5?
it doesn’t work :-/ i got some tag errors …
The issues should have been closed with version 0.2.
I´ve no inclination to support PHP4, though.
Got the text: No images found.

Got a pic in the direction:

called 01A-test.jpg

Can someone help me, please?
Posted a fix for the bug abovementioned, check it out on the Textpattern forum. Please hurry because the code will be available for 1 month only:

Finally here´s the update to 0.3, thanks Christophe. Couldn´t make it sooner since I was in hospital most of the time. I didn´t test it thoroughly, but it seems to work fine.
<br />
Have fun!

I want my website editors to define the directory for the images. Naturally I want to use a custom field for it, but it’s not really working.

I have this in my form template:


The custom field has the value of a directory with correct named images in.

What’s wrong? Any one?

the download site is down


does anyone have this plugin because the site is currently down

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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