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This plugin creates a navigation bar as seen on Google when you search for something. It has a wide variety of attributes so you are able to customize it untill you drop.

As of version 2.5 it was renamed from ob1_googlenav to ob1_pagination.

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25 Nov 2004
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03 May 2011

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Here’s the xHTML compliant version of the plugin in case someone needs it.

Is there any way or tag to know the current page using this plugin?

If I understand your question correctly, the answer is in the plugin’s instructions, to edit your stylesheet accordingly:

If you want a different class on the <li> that is the current page number
you use this attribute to set it. Defaults to whatever set by liclass.

But this is not exactly what I want to do, because I need the number of the current page to write in other page of the site and I don’t know still how.

What do you mean by “current page”?
The page that the viewer is currently at?
Or the largest page number that currently exists on the site/section using the plugin?

If it’s the latter, perhaps rsx_page_number(revised) can serve you?

(I haven’t used that plugin, but it looks like that’s what it does…)


This appears to be offline, I would like to get this plugin, can someone help me? Please put it back online


@Karsten: Just check the forum thread to grab it :)

Help! It does absolutely nothing!

I inserted example code at the bottom and wrapped it with CSS comments before and after to indicate where it should be, between comments absolutely nothing, this tag does not generate any code. What am I doing wrong?

<!— googlenav —>

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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