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This plugin allows inserting article by it’s ID anywhere.

The tag to use is: <txp:ied_doArticle id="1" /> which will insert the article’s body.

If you specify more than one id, coma-separating them, the id will be randomly chosen for you.

If you want the output to be textiled add textile="y"

If you want to insert not the body of an article, but something else also, like it’s excerpt, add field="Excerpt".

Valid value for field attribute is any field’s name from the database: ID, Posted, AuthorID, LastMod, LastModID, Title, Title_html, Body, Body_html, Excerpt, Excerpt_html, Image, Category1, Category2, Annotate, AnnotateInvite, comments_count, Status, textile_body, textile_excerpt, Section, override_form, Keywords, url_title, custom_1, custom_2, custom_3, custom_4, custom_5, custom_6, custom_7, custom_8, custom_9, custom_10, uid, feed_time

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25 jan 2005
Posted here:
25 Jan 2006
Article modified:
03 Jul 2008

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Commented (4)

This is already possible with the article_custom tag.

Ignore the last comment: it’s wrong. It is useful if you want to insert specific information from an article, not publish articles with specific information.

actually its not wrong.
if you want to insert specific information from an article, then use a form.


Mary’s and Steve’s opinion might stem from the misleading plugin’s name. ied_do_aricle can be used to display just every single bit of information in the “textpattern” table, even from columns that don’t get created on installation (like f.i. “position”, created by stm_article_order). Surrounded with asy_wondertag this plugin can be used even more specific and versatile.
Thanks, Yura!

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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