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pnh_mf is a plugin that adds a simple way to incorporate microformats into your website.

Microformats, if you haven’t encountered them, are a collection of defined ways of using the XHTML tags and attributes you have always used in order to model data in a way that can be picked up and interpreted by a variety of tools (like saving vcards for importing them into other applications).

Tags included in the current version of this plugin:

  • txp:pnh_mf_xfn (XFN)
  • txp:pnh_mf_hcard (hCard)
  • txp:pnh_mf_adr (adr)
  • txp:pnh_mf_hcalendar (hCalendar)
  • txp:pnh_mf_hreview (hReview)
  • txp:pnh_mf_tag (relTag)
  • txp:pnh_mf_license (relLicense)
  • txp:pnh_mf_geo (geo)

All of these tags can be used in either templates (‘pages’), snippets (‘forms’) or in article bodies, but cannot be used in comments.

NOTE: Plugin version 1.0 is the last version compatible with Textpattern releases earlier then 1.0.4.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
Posted here:
25 Jun 2006
Article modified:
18 Mar 2007

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Commented (2)

new release posted, now with admin side portion and popup tag builders

new release with compatibility updates for TXP 1.0.4

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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