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The rss_googlemap_stats plugin displays recent visitors to your site on a Google Map along with a chart of recent visitors below. Here’s how the plugin works:

  1. The last x distinct IP Addresses written to the TXP log table are queried (25 by default)
  2. The physical location of the IPs are looked up using an IP Address Lookup service and results are cached locally using a PHP function written by Carlos Averett
  3. If the location is found, the coordinates are added to the Google Map display using the Phoogle Maps PHP class

Screenshot of rss_googlemap_stats

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
6 January 2006
Posted here:
06 Jan 2006
Article modified:
24 Aug 2006

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Commented (4)

It’s a good job, very interestingfor the webmaster … It’s a power plug-in!!!

Only thing: requires allow_url_fopen = On in php config.

This is the first plug-in that ive installed where do i change the php config and how do i get the plug-in to display.

From the Help article on how to install plugins: once you’ve installed it, you must activate the plugin (on the Plugins tab in Textpattern).

PHP config is managed on your webserver. Depending on your webhost, you can access the configuration directly; otherwise you'll need your webhost to make the change for you -- though allow_url_fopen may already be on for you. Check with your webhost.

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