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wet_slimpattern: Integrate SlimStat web statistics into Textpattern

wet_slimpattern integrates Textpattern with hit logging code from SlimStat, an open source web statistics package developed by Stephen Wettone based on Shaun Inman’s ShortStat.

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05 Sep 2006
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18 Nov 2009

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Commented (6)

This is sweet and simple, thanks for the plugin option. I keep losing track of when I need to add things to files when I upgrade.
wonderful plugin, how i can use if i have multiple installation of textpattern? now it work for the home page but example in ”/portfolio/” i have another installation of txp i tried to change the path but don’t work. thanks..
Simply load the plugin in every installation of Textpattern.

You need only one instance of SlimStat for a whole site, no matter how many instances of Textpattern are employed.

Every plugin should call the same inc.stat.php which in turn will accumulate all hits into one statistics db table.
Great plug in. does SlimStats have different languages other than english?

Really great Plugin! It would be nice, if there was a new admin tab inside textpattern to show slimstat. Would this be possible?

I second the request for a SlimStats tab in the admin control panel. That would be fantastic!

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