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This plugin allows you to display categories as a menu tree of nested list elements. It also provides the ability to apply a custom order to all items as well as hiding tree elements or displaying just a part of the tree, giving you full menu control. No hacks/mods required.

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03 Dec 2005
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26 Mar 2007

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Commented (6)

Sorry, but also the download link in the forum seems dead.
Sorry, I fixed that a while ago. Please check out v0.9, which should be the last beta version.
Austin Govella:

Does it display them as a menu tree in the Admin, or on the public side?


That’s simple: Both. :) You’ll find a neato description inside the help text, and also in the forum thread.

wow_menu allows you to completely customize the menu display. You don’t need to do it as a tree – with CSS, anything’s possible.


download link dead.
update please

Oops – sorry for that. Fix in progress, should be back up shortly.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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