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This plugin will list the x most popular pages according to hits received in bbClone. You must of course have bbClone setup and running on your site to use this plugin. The poe_bbclone plugin can be used to count hits for your site. The listing of pages can optionally link directly to that page if the page is a single article page.

The prefix is used to filter the pages show in the results list. For example, I include the section name before the article name in my bbClone stats using a format of “sectionname: ”. Then, in order to show the most popular pages in the article section, I would set the prefix = “article: ”.

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19 April 2005
Posted here:
19 Apr 2005
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24 Aug 2006

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Commented (2)

Since this plugin isn’t linked anywhere else that I can see, I’ll ask here.

The “showlink” portion isn’t working. I’m assuming that it’s because bbclone (or the original bbclone plugin) is tacking “Txp:” onto the beginnings of my page titles.

Any idea where I’d go to fix this?
I found it. In the original BBClone plugin, there’s a line $bbcprefix = “Txp: ”; I removed the Txp: in the brackets.

I then downloaded my bbclone files in bbclone/var and searched/replaced those same characters with an empty string.

It’s worked just fine. :)

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