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Send trackbacks from your Textpattern site.

This involves:

  • one hack, to integrate the link to send a trackback into the txp-backend,
  • the two plugins (rpg_trackbackurl and rpg_trackbackrdf),
  • upload two files: they include the code to receive and send trackbacks AND upload two plugins, to include the necessary stuff into the weblog itself AND one hack in the backend

In the zip files, you’ll find an altered file from the Textpattern RC1 distribution that already contains the necessary hack to the backend. It’s only one line, but if you make a mistake, it will mess up your whole backend. Please make sure to keep a backup of your original files.

I started an English translation, but stopped it because of the changing versions.

Google’s English translation of the information page

I have a test system that’s on RC3.. I think it works but I have to do a few tests more to be sure. For now, rpg_trackback is noted to work in RC1.

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11 Apr 2005
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12 Apr 2005

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Maybe you should explain a bit how it works in english, and put a link to the needed Zip file...

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