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This plugin creates a simple image gallery with optional association to specific article.

There are two ways to use this:
1) <txp:jmr_gallery category="some_category"/>
This will simply pull in all the images files in “some_category”.

2) <txp:jmr_gallery />
If you do not supply a category, the plugin takes the current article number and attaches “article-” in front of it and uses that as the category. Thus, if you are looking at article 16 the plugin grabs the images from the image category “article-16”. Please name your article categories accordingly. This how I use the plugin. It enables me to slap the plugin tag into my generic article form and forget about it. I simply made a whole bunch of image categories named “article-1”, “article-2”, “article-3”, etc. and make sure I upload the proper pictures to the right category and bingo presto, an article-associated image gallery.


This is really an all-in-one distillation of Max Ziebell’s Textpattern Gallery sans the nasty javascript and cnolle’s cno_image_nav

Hey, I don’t really do php, so the code ain’t sexy, but it works for me. Use at your own risk.

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Archived [?]: orphaned: download link broken

Initially released:
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23 Mar 2005
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21 Apr 2009

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Commented (2)

Do I have to download the plugin or just use the txp tags??
I haven’t fiddled with TextPattern plugins before.. please help!

there was a typo in this article that hid the remainder, including the download link. solved now. :)

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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